What will houses be worth in 2030?

According to Renofi, the average price of a single-family home in the U.S. UU. While house prices have historically performed well during inflationary periods, there is no guarantee that it will happen this time. After all, rapid home price growth during the pandemic has already created an affordability crisis for homebuyers.

That said, no matter how house prices behave in this decade, we know that the results will not be uniform across the country. The varying degree of supply constraints and population growth across the country means that housing price appreciation should also vary greatly. To identify the fastest-growing housing markets on the upside for the remaining years of the decade, Fortune partnered with Home, LLC, a startup that provides down payment assistance to homebuyers in exchange for a share of profits. For the past six months, the data scientists at Home, LLC helped us create a forecasting model not only to estimate the potential for house price appreciation (that is, in total, we analyzed the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country).

Before we show you our Top 10 list, let's take a deeper look at the data. Fortune could have produced a ranking simply by analyzing growth potential (our return score). However, that alone would overlook the potential for a correction in the housing market. While it's extremely rare (home prices have only fallen twice in the last 100 years), we still think it would be wise to assess market risk (our risk score).

When it comes to potential home price growth, San Jose and Austin have similar perspectives with their return scores of 61.3 and 6.1, respectively. However, the risk profiles are very different. Horton is busy building expanding subdivisions throughout the greater Austin area. Meanwhile, San José has few new constructions.

That explains why the risk score for Austin (46) is more worrying than that of San José (74,. If a housing correction comes to fruition, Austin is much more likely, according to our model, to suffer from temporary oversupply. The same goes for fast-growing markets in states like Florida and Georgia. Not only is income in Boston expected to rise sharply, but the market has very low levels of housing construction.

Of course, a shortage of supply in the face of rising incomes is the perfect recipe for raising home prices. Behind Boston is San José (No. If you would like to learn more about the analysis performed by Fortune and Home, LLC (or to find more detailed data on a particular market), we place the full configuration of the data at this link. In Florida, property prices have risen by 6.61% in the months since the President declared a national emergency.

Arizona, Idaho and Utah have seen increases of more than 5%. On the other hand, Alaska is the only state where house prices have fallen in the last six months, with a drop of 3.28%. They found that home values differ considerably across the country. House prices have increased 48.55% over the past 10 years and if house prices continue to grow at this rate, the average U.

Whether you expect to buy a home in the next year or in the next decade, higher or lower mortgage rates help determine how much you can afford. When thinking about a home budget, it might be helpful to focus on housing market conditions in the neighborhood in which you want to buy rather than broader national trends that could be biased by data in another time zone. This has made housing unaffordable for countless buyers, as the combination of rising prices and interest rates has increased the average home payment by more than 30%. If you are trying to change a home or want to move somewhere else within the next two years, you may want to postpone buying a home for the time being.


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