Can you negotiate with ibuyers?

You will usually have the option of making an offer through your own real estate agent or by contacting the company directly, and you can negotiate the price with the iBuyer. You can grant less than regular sellers because of your business model. Working with a local real estate agent can help. Because iBuyers are buying your home directly, the offer price is probably a little lower than what you would get through other sales methods.

Buyers are often willing to negotiate the price if they love their home. iBuyers need to be able to buy and sell homes quickly, and there's no room to go back and forth in price. Of course, they also need to make a profit, so your offer may not be the full-price offer you could get from a homebuyer. Experienced buyer agents are expert negotiators who can protect your interests when you buy a home, even if you buy a home from an iBuyer.

When you buy a home, the seller you are buying from will likely expect you to negotiate the sale price.

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