Can you negotiate with homevestors?

When selling to landlords, you can't negotiate the sale price. If you think your home is worth more than what they offer, your only option is to decline the offer. Nor can you make any improvements that could increase the sales price. In reality, most home sellers won't be able to negotiate their HomeVestors offer.

According to a major consumer magazine survey, two out of three agents are willing to negotiate their fees. Don't negotiate directly with the buyer or the buyer's agent. Conduct all negotiations through your agent. Many sellers can make improvements to their property on a limited budget and then benefit from them exponentially.

Also, because the offer they make is non-negotiable, you may see a cash offer from them that doesn't reflect what your home would receive if it sold in its current state. That cash offer will not change before closing and there are no negotiations regarding that offer. While you can certainly try to negotiate with HomeVestors, the final offer is at the discretion of the local franchise leader. Yes, you can negotiate with HomeVestors, however, this depends on the franchise itself and the investor you are dealing with.

However, unlike a traditional sale where a real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf, you will need to negotiate for yourself when you sell your home to HomeVestors.

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